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About us...

We aim to bring you an exciting new range of equestrian products manufactured in our own workshops for supply direct to you the customer.


Utilising our 25 years experience within the plastic processing field and making use of advanced polymers we aim to develop quality products at a reasonable price to make horse ownership even more exciting and fulfilling without breaking the bank.


With this in mind we are pleased to introduce the Road Cone Jump Cup, made originally so we could have a supply of cheap easily stored jumps for our family of horses but proving far more versatile for creating barriers, keeping trotting poles in position, raising trotting pole and making grids.


Initial customer response has been extremely favourable.


We welcome your comments good or bad to help us improve existing products or create new ones.


Trot Clip Clop is the equine section of Bounce Back Developments Ltd which has been manufacturing specialised anatomical training aids for medical instruction since 1997